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Hey Guys, how are you guys, today I will tell you about Lightroom editing, today we are going to tell you how you can change the color of your background inside the light room, so this blog is going to be very interesting for all of you. And if you want to download a lot of presets, then by going to the search option above, you can easily download by searching the presets according to your mind.Lightroom Editing Background change.

How To Change Background In Lightroom:-

So first you have to download Adobe Lightroom application from your play store which is absolutely free and after that you have to sign up in it, after signing up you have to edit the photo whose background has to be changed. You have to import that photo inside your Lightroom mobile application, after that you will get to see many tools option there, if you use premium version then you will get to see selective and healing tool available for absolutely free. Otherwise, you can download it by going to Google, here you get two methods, the first way to change your background is that you go to the color option and use the mix tool there and which is the background. The color is, you can adjust it according to your own and the second way is that no matter what the color is in your background, all will be changed in a way like Bluetooth, for that you have to use the selected option.

Lightroom Editing Tutorial:-

To use the selected option, you have to first go to the Selective tool, there you have to draw on all except your face and skin, after drawing you have to draw well and after that you have to draw in the color option. You will get to see below and you absolutely have to do the saturation – and after that you want to select the color like John, you can change your background to the same color by selecting the same color if you do this In this way, if you change the background in your lightroom, then you will be able to do it quite easily and your photo will look very good.

Download All Type Presets:-

I hope you liked this article and yes if you want to download a lot of presets or background or any other editing material then you can easily download through our website absolutely free and you will get any And if you want to see our YouTube channel then you have to go to YouTube and by searching there (Saha Social) you can go to our channel and watch many editing broken heart videos which is absolutely free.

Download Presets

If you want to learn how to change background from picsart or snapseed, then you must comment, I will try to tell you how to change background from picsart or snapseed in the next article, if you liked an article then there are many more articles Do go check it once.Saha Social Presets,Saha Social Drive Presets,Saha Social Lightroom presets Free Download,Saha Social youtube.

Download More Background and Presets:-

Hello friends, how are you guys going to meet you here today, so 5 backgrounds like you can download and use in your photos, in this you get to see many types of backgrounds such as city background, nature background and many more backgrounds You can use snapseed or pics art to use it, if you have money then you can use photoshop or any other software. It is quite easy, first of all you have to cut out your photo, after that you have to add this background, after that you do not have to do anything simple, your background will be used and you can download this type of background from our house very well. You can edit the photo.

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