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Autodesk Face Smooth Tutorial||Autodesk Face Smooth and Hair Edit

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Hi Guys, how are you guys today I will tell you how you can edit hair inside autodesk and how you can smooth your face that too like photoshop so this post is going to be very interesting for you then you can follow this post till the last Read and you can also erase your background inside this application.autodesk face Smooth Tutorial,Autodesk Hair Edit Tutorial.

How To fo Face Smooth in Autodesk:-

So first you have to download Autodesk application from play store which is absolutely free, after that you have to open Autodesk application and here you will get to see some new interface like a drawing application so you don’t have to be confused at all. If so, first of all you have to import your photo by going to Add Photo, the photo that you want to edit or smooth the face, then after the photo is imported, you will go inside a brush on the top and many tools will go days but You do not need to worry, you have to click on the bus toll, after that you will get to see many bridges there, you will get to see many types of fasts, but you have to select the smart brush and there are five numbers. You have to select the brush that will be there, after that if you want to smooth your face, then you have to call its hardness 4 and its just below option and you probably have to adjust accordingly and then After that you can zoom your photo as much as you want and easily make face smooth. You can do this by drawing well on your face.

face Smooth Tutorial in autodesk:-

And if you want to edit your hair, then you have to select this bean fast, after that you have to increase its harness to 21 and the option below it to 19, after that you have to keep the size low so that your photo copy is smooth. Look and feel real, after that you have to run on your hair well so that your hair becomes very good and looks very real elastic and in the same way you can easily do Facebook and hair editing of your photo that too In a very professional way like big editors use and in the same way you can also erase the background of your photo from here.

Hair Edit:-

If you can edit your face and hair from this application, then your photo will be a very good professional edit so that your photo will look very good like if you do hard work editing whether it is pics art or snapseed but there If your face is not able to edit this smooth or hair properly, then this is the best application of the phone, with the help of which you can make the face of your photo very smooth and edit your hair very well.

Best Face And Hair Edit App:-

You can use this on any photo, whether it will look great on the photo returning from Lightroom and your photo will look as if absolutely Manipulation editing has been done and editing has been done with Photoshop, so cow if you are from Everyone wants to use then this is the best application for you as you can download absolutely free from play store and if you want to download background or lights project then on our website you will find many pictures and Backgrounds will be available for free, which you can download very easily and use in your photos.

Download Background and Presets

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