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Hi friends, how are you guys, today I am going to tell you a very good photo editing through this blog, which if you edit, then your photo will be very good and very professional, then today I am going to show you the photo editing of black and yellow tune. I am going to tell you how you can do black and yellow tank photo editing inside your light room, so guys this article is going to be very good for all of you, so please do read it completely,Black and Yellow.

Yellow Tone Photo Editing in Lightroom:-

As you all know that if we do any kind of color grading or change the background color, then for that we use Lightroom application that we can also use it in our mobile phone if you do not know. So you can download this application absolutely free by going to the Play Store and many people can use it in your PC to do this kind of photo editing, then you will not have any problem, then you will have to do this kind of editing. For this you have to pay attention that you should get your photo suit in a place where there is not much color and you should keep in mind that while getting the photoshoot done, you should wear some black type clothes so that there is no problem in color grading in your photo. If it does not come, then first of all you have to get a photo shoot done, which you can also get done very easily through your phone, after that you have to start the further process.

Nsb Pictures presets Free Download:-

After this, now you have to import your favorite photo inside the Lightroom application, which you like and what you want to edit, after that you have to open that photo there in the light room, then you see here You will find that many tools will come in front of you, people who watch my earlier articles or my YouTube videos, then all of them will know how to use all these tools if you do not read my earlier articles or YouTube videos. If you have not seen then maybe you do not know how to use all these tools, then you do not need to take any problem here, what you have to do is that you have to first adjust the lighting in your photo, for that you can use autotools here. You can also use what has been given to you, otherwise you can adjust all the tools according to your photo, which you like, after that you have to do man work which is color grading then for that You have to go to the color option and there you have to do color grading.

Lightroom Editing Tutorial:-

Yes, but tools are given like I stool and other tools, then first you have to go to the mix tool, there you have to reduce the saturation of all except red and orange and reduce the brightness of green color. So that the background of our photo gets a dark look and the yellow color saturation has to be reduced to around 70%, which comes in a little brown tune, after that its color has to be changed to a little orange and leave the rest of the color. After this, you have to take the temperature bigger so that a very good hello tune will come in your photo.

New Presets For Lightroom:-

After doing all this, you have to add a little effect to your photo so that the darkness comes a little in your photo and the clarity of your photo increases, for that you can adjust all the tools according to you, as much as you want to darken. If you darken your photo a little, then your photo will match with a very good background and look very professional, so you can adjust the last tools according to you and make your photo much better.

system Requirements:-

  • 2gb ram
  • 4gb storage
  • Android KitKat
black and Yellow Tone
Black And Yellow Tone Lightroom editing

I hope that you have liked this article, then you must have read the earlier article that you will be able to learn online editing and if you want to download prechard or background then you can download all these things absolutely free from our website. Yes and you can also visit our YouTube channel where you are told all these editing tutorials through complete videos. Download Presets

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