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How To Make Professional Banner For Youtube – Saha Social

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Hello Guy’s so how are you guys today i am going to tell you in this blog how you can make a professional banner for your youtube channel that too with the help of your mobile and that too with the help of an app and also i have done this It has also been told that how can you make your own banner on your channel in the right way, so let’s start.

How To make Youtube banner→

First of all friends you must have mobile, after that we will use lightroom and pixelab to make banner otherwise you can also use picsart app and you will get all this app absolutely free on playstore then you first Download it, after that I have given font (text style) to make some banners and have also given background which will be inside the zip file, you download that zip file first, we will do further work after that. .

(1) Using Pixlab→

Here I have given you two backgrounds, one in which you have to design the banner for your channel, the other in which after the banner is created, you have to add the banner just created in that background so that your banner will be placed on your channel in the right way. If found, first of all you have to open the background in Pixlab app, after that you have to add the font (text style) which I have given to you in Pixlab.

How To add Font In Pixlab→

How To Add fonts In pixlab
How To Add Font In Pixlab

After adding font, you have to design your banner name with the help of that font and you have to add whatever things you have like (name of Instagram ID), and name of your Twitter or website as logo. Along and I have also given you the PNG of the logo, so that you will not have any problem and if you do not understand all these things, then you can go to our YouTube channel Saha Social and watch the video.

(2) using Lightroom→

Your banner is a complete banner or after it is designed, you have to save it in your gallery, after that you were given the other background inside Pixlab itself, inside this background size is given what size banner is useful for the channel. You have to open it in Pixlab, after that the banner you created has to be added to the smallest part in the background, after editing, you have to save it in your gallery, after that you have to use Lightroom app a little Save your final banner with lots of color grading and adding clarity

Youtube Banner Size Image
Youtube Banner Size Image

And the banner you made, you open YouTube in your phone and there you have to open your channel and go to the Edit channel, there you will get the option to put YouTube banner, then you have to add your banner, put your banner on your YouTube channel. And if you want to see the video of how to make YouTube banner, then you can see and learn our YouTube channel by visiting Saha Social.



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