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iPhone Lightroom Presets:- You do not have an iPhone, but you will be very fond of taking photos like iPhone, because not all people can try iPhone, first of all they know that what happens in the photo of iPhone, which attracts people more.

Difference between iPhone & Android image→

This is a photo which I have clicked from two phones what is one android Nothing 1 and the other iphone 12 the difference is in front of you the photo of iphone has a different vibrant tone and saturated photo which makes it look very cool and all your photos If you want to click like this, then let me solve this problem for you today.

Difference between iPhone and Android image, iPhone Lightroom Presets

Edit Photo Like iPhone using Lightroom Presets →

In today’s article, I have given you 20+ Lightroom mobile presets for iphone, with the help of which you can give an Iphone look to your Android phone photo and you can easily use these Lightroom presets in your Android mobile 20+ You will get to see the link of Iphone Lightroom Presets in the article below which is absolutely free and I have created it for all of you by myself.

How To Use iPhone 14 Lightroom Mobile presets in Android →

To use this presets, you use lightroom mobile and these presets have been given to you in XMP format, which is closed in a zip file, to open it, a four-digit password will be required, which will be found somewhere in this article, whose use By doing this you can extract the zip file of presets, after that you can easily apply Iphone filter on your photo by adding Xmp presets to Lightroom Mobile.

Use Of Xmp Lightroom Presets➤

If you do not know about apple Lightroom Mobile Xmp Presets, then let me tell you what kind of presets it is and how to use it like I am going to give you the top five xmp presets in this blog. All the new presets you will get will be in the form of xmp file which you can use by adding inside your light room very easily, you do not need to copy paste again and again, so you can use any photo I will be able to apply it very easily and will be able to edit your photo immediately, it is very beneficial for you.

•First of all you have to download ZR Zip File Manager from playstore.

•You have to download the zip file of our provided XMP presets

•After that you have to extract this zip file by going inside ZR archiver

•If you ask for password there then you have to give 1707

•zip file is extracted, you have to open

•After that move the file which will be visible there and go to Android>Data>Adobe lr>File>crasualdocuments>oooooo>Profile>setting>user style.

•After reaching here, you have to paste it.


System requirements ➤

•2GB Ram In Your Phone

•4GB internal Memory In Your Phone

•Minimum Android KitKat Version

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