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Top 5 Lightroom Presets Free Download –Hello friends, how are you guys, I hope you will be fine through today’s article, giving you the top 5 Lightroom mobile presets which you can use for your photo editing and this top 5 Lightroom mobile presets, you will find five types of Lightroom inside it.

Presets will be available in which there are different types of presets inside, so you will be able to edit your photo easily by using these Lightroom Presets, that too inside your mobile phone.

How to install Presets in Lightroom→

To install or add presets to Lightroom, you have to download the top 5 Lightroom presets, which I have given you absolutely free, after that you can easily import all Lightroom presets by opening adobe Lightroom Mobile and easily import your photos. But you can edit your photo by copy pasting Presets.

Top 100+ Lightroom Presets Free Download ↓

100+ Lightroom Presets Free Download


You can use Top 5 Lightroom Mobile Presets inside your Adobe Lightroom Mobile and you get these presets in DNG format, which you can download for free and import them inside your Adobe Lightroom Mobile and use them easily on your photo through copy paste. you can and your photo will be easily edited in no time.

So let’s know which presets you get inside the top 5 Lightroom presets.

1. Moody Dark →

Moody Dark Lightroom Presets

First of all you will get these presets which is a very famous Lightroom Presets which everyone wants to use but you will get this Moody Dark Presets in very high quality so that your photo can be edited in Moody Dark tone in no time. Will happen.


 2. Yellow Tone→

Lightroom Presets

which is another Lightroom presets, if you apply it on your photo, then your photo will be edited in yellow tone. Will be edited.


 3. Aqua and Orange→

Aqua and Orange Lightroom Presets anushka Sen

Inside it you will get two types of color tones which you must have seen in many of your images, one Aqua and Orange color which are very Fantastic Lightroom’s presets, you can also use it for photo editing.


 4. Black Tone Lightroom Presets→

Black tone Lightroom Presets

This is Black Tone Presets, if you like editing photos in Black Tone, then this presets have been made special for you. By using Black Tone Presets, you will be able to edit your photos in Black Tone in no time.


 5. Urban Tone→

Moody Brown

This is a professional Lightroom Presets and using these presets you will be able to edit your photos in Urban Tone.


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