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Winter Photo Editing Lightroom Tutorial||Winter Presets free download

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Hi Guys so how are you guys today I will tell you how to do winter photo editing, you can do this type of editing very easily in your phone, for this you are going to need two applications first pics art and second lightroom which you You can download very easily by going to play store.

Winter Photo Editing Tutorial in Lightroom:-

Step 1- First of all, you have to download all the material given background png and presets from our website, after that you have to open your background in pics art and after you cut out your photo, you have to put your background on your background. You have to add the photo and after that you will also get the snow PNG, you have to add it to see, if you want, you can add any other png from your mind, you will get to see all the links below, you will be very happy. You can easily go and download PNG and background, if you want to edit your face smooth and hair, then you can do all this work in your autodesk.

Winter Tone Presets:-

Step-2 After all this, you have to import your photos into Lightroom, if you want, you can also do manual retouching here, otherwise you can also download and use Winter Presents from our website, if you do not know how to use Presents. You can read by going to our other article, to do manual retouching, first you have to import the photo inside the light room and there you have to go to the color option and minus the temperature and you have to go to the mix tools and your photos. You have to adjust the color accordingly so that your photo matches well with the background, after that you have to adjust the lighting of your photo which you like and is good enough with the photo. You have to add some effect in the last to your photo such as clarity, big net, sharpening or noise reduction, you can add any effect of your mind, after that your photo will be completely winter photo editing.


Download Background And Presets:-

And yes guys if you want to download top five project,xmp presets, moody dark,Moody blue,red and black,orange and Black,Pink tone,Saha Social Presets,or any other type of pictures then you can download from our website absolutely free and you have to see some background also available on our website Which is very interesting and is given in HD as you can download absolutely free and you can use in your photo, you can use pics art or lightroom or you can use any application as per your wish can use in.

How To Download Presets:-

Hello Guys today I am going to give you Winter Tone Presents which will bring winter effect of without winter in your photo and now you can use it very easily inside light application To use it you first need to play lightroom application You have to download it from the store, then download these presets from our website and import them into the Lightroom application, after importing, you have to copy the setting and add the photo to the lighter on the photo you want to bring the winter effect. After that you simply have to make paste setting there and winter tune effect will come in your photo very easily. also check

How To use Presets:-

Agar Guys apko Presets Use Krna Nhi Aata to Aap hmare Website Se Bahut Sare Presets ko Free Me Download Kr Skte Ho Uske Baad aap Lightroom App Ko Playstore Pr Se Lightroom Aap Ko Download Kr Lena hai uske Baad Apko Jis Photo Pr Presets Ko Use Krna Ha Usko Lightroom App me import Kr lena hai uske Baad Apko Presets V add Krna hai.fir aap asani se Kisi Bhi Photo Par Presets Ko Use Kr skte ho.

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