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10+ Lr Presets Free Download (Best Lightroom Presets)

Lr Presets Free Download

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Lr Presets Free Download: In This Artical I’m Giving You Best 10+ Lr Presets Free Download & Compatible With Your Mobile,Laptop, Lightroom & Lightroom Classic.If You Find Best Lightroom Presets, You’ve Come To The Right Place. All Preset In DNG format,You Can Download these Presets Easily & Start Editing Your Images In Lightroom Mobile.

Lr Presets very Helpful for Edit Your Images & Pictures because These Presets Save You Many Time & All These Presets Don’t Require any Adjustment But You Can Adjust The Settings of Lightroom,exposer, Highlights For Better Results.

How To Download Lr Presets for Free

Here You can Download 10 Presets Of Lightroom But You Haven’t Any Idea How you Can Download These Presets In Right Way.You Can See Many Images But This Is Not Lr Presets,Whatever Lr Preset you want to install you’ll find the download button below it’s image,You can save the presets by click on it.

   Xmp Presets

What are lightroom presets?

Lightroom Preset is a Filter with Adjustable Settings and it can give you many Effects in One Click.Presest help in Photo editing,save Time & energy,You Can Edit Your Photo In One Click With These Presets, Sometimes These Presets Dose not work With Your Photo In right Way but you Can Adjust Settings Which you Want.

How to import Presets in Lightroom Mobile?

  • First Download Lr Preset in your Device.
  • Open Lightroom Mobile app & create a new album with Presets Name.
  • Open the album,then press on the (+) icon and choose from file In DNG & add Them.
  • Open any Photo you wanted to edit in Lr.

In This Way You Can Add Presets In Lr In DNG Format.

   Lightroom Presets

How To use Presets in Lightroom Mobile ?

Download The presets to you Phone/iPhone Divice and import your Presets first in Lightroom.

  • Open Lightroom Mobile app & add your photos you want to edit.
  • Add Presets in Adobe Lr app.
  • First Open your DNG Presets & click 3 dot In Right Upper Side.
  • Open Your Photo & same Way go to 3 dot ,here you Can See Option Of Paste Settings.
  • When you paste presets setting in Your Photo,Wait For a Minute & See The Magic Of Presets.
  • If you Want Any Option to change,You Can Adjust any Option in your image For better Results.

NOTE♦ Read Carefully For the Better Results.

Top 10 Lr Preset Free Download

1.Moody Dark Lightroom Presets

Moody dark lr Presets Free Download


2.Green Tone Lightroom Presets

Green Tone Lr Preset Free Download


3.iPhone Lr Preset

iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download


4.Teal & Orange

Aqua & orange Lightroom Presets


5.Rdx Editor Lightroom Presets

Rdx Editor Lightroom Presets Free Download


6.Yellow Tone Lightroom Preset

Yellow Tone Lightroom Presets


7.Golden Tone Lightroom Presets

Golden Tone Lr Preset


8.Biker Presets

Biker Lr Preset


9.Cinematic Lightroom Presets

Cinematic lr Presets Download


10.Blue tone

Blue tone



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