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iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download

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iPhone 15 Lightroom Presets: Hello friends, how are you, I hope you are doing well, as you know that recently iPhone 15 has been launched and not all people can buy iPhone and the camera of iPhone 15 is the best. Due to not being able to buy iPhone, everyone is in this situation. If you are not able to use the camera.

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then in this article I am going to give you iPhone 15 Lightroom presets which you can download absolutely for free and you will get not just one but many iPhone Lightroom presets which can be downloaded and used on your photos to make the iPhone 15 look better. Can be made like.

iPhone 15 Lightroom Filter Download

As you know how good the camera of iPhone is, the camera of iPhone 15 is the best camera till date, amazing color tone can be seen inside it, so today I will give you some Lightroom presets of iPhone 15 which are exactly like those of iPhone 15. By using it, you will be able to apply iPhone 15 filter on your photo which will be like the color tone of the camera and this Iphone 15 filter will be given absolutely free. All iPhone presets are absolutely free and you can use it in your Lightroom mobile and apply iPhone 15 filter on your photo. If you can use it then let us know how to use it.

How To Use iPhone 15 Presets

iPhone 15 Lightroom Presets Free Download

To use Iphone 15 Lightroom presets, first you have to download the presets from our website, the download link of which will be found at the bottom of this article, by clicking on which you will be able to easily download, you will get the vivid tone of Iphone and many more. You will get different types of Lightroom presets. After downloading, you have to add your photo in the Lightroom app, then after that you also have to add the downloaded iPhone presets which are in the DNG file, after that go to the three dots given on the side and select the presets. You can copy the settings and apply them on your photo. You can easily apply iPhone filters on your photo by copy pasting.

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Lightroom iPhone Presets Free Download

I hope you liked these Iphone Lightroom presets. You will find many similar Lightroom presets on our website, which you can download for free and take help in editing your photos. My name is Sachin and I will help you in using the presets. If you face any problem, you can watch the videos by going to our YouTube channel, otherwise you can contact us.

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