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Hello Guys welcome back to our block to guys, today we are going to give you top five dng presets,in which you will get to see many new presets like modi tune presets black and white tone and also you will get to see please add so that you You can download absolutely free, you will find the link to download below where you can easily download all our presets by clicking on Top 5 best presets. 5 Best Presets for Lightroom,5 Best Presets.

How to use Presets:-

So friend first of all let me tell you how to use presets and if you face any problem in using presets then what to do then how presets you can use in your lightroom mobile also or in lightroom pc You can also use it, so how it depends on you, in which you want to use and you can use our presets in all things, it is very easy to use in mobile and in any, first of all you have to use our presets. You have to download and after that you have to import it in your mobile or in the light room in the back and after that you have to copy the setting after opening the result and the photo on which you want to apply it. You have to go to the photo and paste its setting so that a lot of easy presets can be applied to your photo.

Moody Type Presets :-

And yes guys I told you in the last blog that you can use PRESETS inside your pics art and also inside snapseed so gas if you didn’t see that block then you can go and see there I gave you pics art and There are also some presets of Snapseed as you can download and use in pics art and also in Snapseed and you will be able to edit your photo there very easily and so that you can also change the background color of your photo. You can do that too easily.

And yes, if you want to learn editing in place or editing again or professional editing, then you can visit our YouTube channel (Saha Social), there I keep teaching you a lot of new editing and more as I I also do photo editing, background and png or presets of all you will get to see on our block so that you can download absolutely free and use in mobile in your application.

And yes guys, if you do not know how to use Lightroom mobile application, then you have to first download the application from play store and install it and after that you will learn very easily while using it and use all the tools. You have to keep doing what happens with each tool and what is not and gradually you will easily know what happens with which tool and you will learn to use Lightroom application quite easily and in that you can use the presets. You can edit your photo very well in any time, so that you will also be able to edit the time of editing, after that you can do a lot of editing.

System requirements:-

  • 2gb ram
  • Android KitKat
  • 4gb Storage

All Problems solved here:-

And if you are not able to edit with autodesk, then you will also find his tutorial on our block, by reading which you will also learn to use autodesk with laughter where I have told how you can edit your hair inside autodesk or else Can’t face.hlw Guys If You Have Any Problem Contact Me On Instagram and Please Visit My Youtube Channel (Saha Social) Here I Teach You All Type Of Editing and Lightroom Color Grading.Here I Upload More Presets Tutorial You Can Check Now and Learn From our Channel. Also check

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